Addon Domains – How to Manage Multiple Domains on One Hosting Account (cPanel ).

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Your web hosting account at Shujaa Host comes with an additional benefit to host multiple domains in a single cPanel account. What we call addon domains.

Normally addon domains share hosting account’s resources with the primary domain.

What is an addon domain?

An addon domain is basically an additional domain that is stored as a subdomain of your main site. Usually, you use this feature to host additional domains on your hosting account.

Why use addon domains?

Reduced cost of hosting your websites: Since you do not need to purchase additional web hosting account for every domain name you manage, addon domain saves you money.

Easy management of your websites’ cPanel password: Since you are using a single cPanel account, you do not have to worry about keeping multiple passwords for each and every cPanel account for your websites.

Easy management of your websites’ files and databases: Since you will not be switching between different cPanel accounts to upload & manage your websites’ files and database, managing them becomes easier.

Disadvantages of addon domains.

Security is a concern: Since you are managing all your websites in a single cPanel account, a single hack attack can compromise all of your websites. Imagine if a hacker got around your cPanel username & password!

Shared Limited Resources: If any of your websites is hungry for resources, that means all other websites on your account will not function optimally.

How addon domains work?

Like subdomains addon domains are stored in a sub-directory in your home directory. Visitors to this domain get directed this directory.

How to create addon domain in cPanel.

  1. First, start by logging into your cPanel account.
  2. Click on Addon Domains feature in the Domains Section of the cPanel Interface.
  3. Specify your new domain details as described below.
    1. New Domain Name – Type the name of your new domain.
    2. Subdomain – cPanel will automatically generate and fill this value for you. You can leave it as it is.
    3. Document Root – The root directory for your new domain name. cPanel will again fill this field for you. You an leave it as it is.
    4. FTP checkbox – Check this field if you want to set up and enable ftp access for this domain. If you check this checkbox, set FTP username & password.
  4. Click on Add Domain button to finish this process.

You have successfully created an addon domain. You can now upload website files to the document root that you specified above. If you visit your domain name, you should now see the website.