Create email address in cPanel. Step by step guide.

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What is an email address?

An email address is a distinctive identifier for an email account and is used to send and receive email messages over the internet. In this guide I’ll walk you through a series of steps to help you create your email address in cPanel.

An added benefit of web hosting is that you can create your brand’s email addresses in the same account hosting your website. Personalized email addresses are good for business branding especially if you are hosting a website for a business or company. In your Shujaa Host account, you can create email address in cPanel.

Its very simple to create one. Just follow the steps bellow and you’ll be up and running with your email.

How to create email addresses in cPanel

  1. Login to your cPanel. To log into your cPanel, visit your website address in your preferred browser. Normally you should type the address like this Just remember to replace with your actual domain name.
  2. In your cPanel, click on Email Accounts.
  3. Type your email username. For example, if you need to create, in the email field enter the prefix john
  4. Create your preferred password. Remember to create a strong password. To create a strong password, your password should contain a mixture of small letters, capital letters, numbers and special characters. A good password should easier for you to memorize and harder for others.
  5. Set your mailbox size quota.
  6. Once done, click on create account.
  7. Test your account by logging into your webmail.

What is the difference between an email address, email account, email service and email program.

Email Address

Like mentioned in the first paragraph, an email address distinctively identifies the email service you’re using and the mailbox as provided by that service.

When your friend sends you an email message, your email service collects the message and places it in a folder called inbox.

Email Account

An email account can be compared with a mail box thus it is possible to have several email addresses that all point to the same email account.

Email Service

An email service is normally provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Domain Registrar, school, place of work etc. The service provided are the servers and the softwares that have two functions.

  1. Route the email you send to its recipient.
  2. Collect the email you receive in a location where you can access it.

Email Program/Client

An email program also known as email client is a software that you to access your email. Examples of such software are things like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

You can link the email address you created with GMail and use GMail as your mail client. Follow this guide if you need to set up your domain email on GMail.