How to access your domain emails on Android device


This article will take you through the steps to follow in order to set up an android device to send and receive emails on your domain name. You can easily access your domain’s email right from your Android device without using the browser.

Mobile phones have become a key component in our day-to-day activities thus most of us will find it handy to read email directly on their android devices without going through the tiresome process of logging into a web browser.

Follow these steps to set up your website’s domain email accounts on Android.

How to Setup your Android Device to Send/Receive Email

This guide assumes that you have already created your email address in cPanel/WebMail.

  1. On your device, go to Applications.
  2. Tap on GMail icon. GMail is default Mail client application that comes with most Android phones.
  3. On the next screen, tap on New Account.
  4. On the next screen, set your incoming server settings as shown below.
    1. Email Address: Type your full email address, for example
    2. Username: Type your email address again.
    3. Password: Type the password associated with your email account. This should be the password you normally use to sign into your email account.
    4. POP Server: Type your domain address in the format
    5. Security Type: Set it to None (it is the default though)
    6. Server Port: Set it to 110 ( it is the default though)
  5. Tap on Next. The next screen lets you to configure your outgoing server settings. Configure these as shown below.
    1. SMTP Server: Type your domain name in this format.
    2. Security Type: Set it to None (this is the default option)
    3. Server Port: Set this to 587 ( or port 25 however many Providers block port 25 to reduce Spam)
  6. Tap Next and give a name to this email account.