How to install WordPress in cPanel. Installing WordPress Simplified.

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WordPress is a free open source content management system (CMS) that can be installed in your cPanel. In this article, we’re going to explore a step by step procedure of installing WordPress in cPanel.

The difference between installing WordPress and

When you create an account with, you can set up your blog. All your files are hosted at When you install WordPress in your cPanel you are bypassing and all your files are hosted at your hosting provider’s server. In this case your files will be hosted at

There are two options you can apply in order to install wordpress on in your cPanel

  • Using Softaculuos to install WordPress
  • Installing WordPress manually

Install WordPress via Softaculous

    1. Log into your cPanel
    2. Navigate to Software/Service section.
    3. Click the Softaculous icon.
    4. Pick the Content Management Systems option in the left pane
    5. Find wordpress from the list of CMS applications and click on the Install Button.
    6. Fill in the required WordPress setup information.
      Software Setup
      Choose Domain Specify the domain you would like to install WordPress on from the drop down list
      In Directory You can leave this field blank in order to install in the home directory. If you intend to install in a subfolder of your website then type the folder name.
      Admin Username Here you should enter your WordPress administrator’s username.
      Admin Password Here you should enter your WordPress administrator’s password.
      Admin Email Enter your email address here.

Installing WordPress in cPanel Manually

Note! The extracted files will go into a WordPress folder. You will need to open that folder and select all the files then move them to your directory.

  • Create a database.
  • Create a user and add the user to the database you created with full permission
  • Visit the domain you uploaded your wordpress files to.
    For example:

    If your domian is and you uploaded the files to the root directory, then in your browser you should type If you uploaded the files to a sub-directory e.g rugby, then in your browser you should type

    1. You will first see a screen asking you to select the default language. Specify the default language and click on the Continue
    2. On the next screen, click on Let’s Go
    3. Next, fill each field with the database information of the database you created in step 6. Click on Submit
    4. If everything went on well, you will see a page that says “All right sparky”. Click on Run the Install
    5. In the next screen, you will need to fill in your site’s title, admin’s username, admin’s password, and admin’s email address and click on Install WordPress
    6. A success screen will show up.

That’s it! Its that simple. You can now Log Into Your WordPress Dashboard and start blogging!

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