Where to buy cheap web hosting Services in Kenya

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This article is intended for those who want to host a website on a budget. You will learn about where to buy cheap web hosting services in Kenya, the key points you should consider and the questions you should ask.

Cheapest web hosting companies in Kenya.

This list is not sorted in any given order.

1. ShujaaHost

First on this list is ShujaaHost. At ShujaaHost, the cheapest web hosting package goes for 600/= Shillings. This package gives you 100GB monthly bandwidth, 1GB of storage space, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases, Free SSL certificate and you can comfortably run a lite wordPress website on it. Order our services from shujaahost.co.ke

2. TrueHost

Truehost claims to give Free web hosting to it’s clients. I have not tested their services but feel free to give them a shot. With their Free webhosting package, they give you 1GB mothly bandwidth, 1GB disk storage, 1 database, 1 email account, and 1 subdomain. Visit their website at truehost.co.ke.

3. Host Poa

Host poa is yet another web hosting company in Kenya that claims to be giving free web hosting in Kenya. With hostpoa, you get to up to 300MB of disk space on their free package. This package allows you to set up to 5 Email accounts. I have not tested their services so I can’t really say much about them. Visit their website at hostpoa.co.ke

4. MoveHost

MoveHost is also another web hosting company in Kenya that offers cheap web hosting in Kenya. Their cheapest package goes for 500/= shillings per year. The package gives you up to 5GB of disk space and 10GB of monthly bandwidth. Learn more about them at movehost.co.ke

5. Movetech solutions.

Movetech solutions which also hosts as MoveHost claims to provide free web hosting services. The disk space on the free package is 1GB with unlimited monthly bandwidth.

What to look for in a web hosting company.

I have written before about the how to choose a web hosting company in Kenya and questions about free web hosting in Kenya.

Below is a summery of the key aspects to look when you are choosing web hosting company.

  1. Reliability and speed of access
  2. Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth)
  3. Disk space
  4. Technical support
  5. Custom Email Accounts
  6. Price

Question to ask before choosing a free web hosting plan.

  1. Is it really free?
  2. What am i able to do with free web hosting?
  3. Can I upgrade my free web hosting plan?
  4. What reasonably client support should I expect?

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