How to set up your UNMS MPesa plugin

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A new plugin has been borne and we can’t wait to announce the good news. That’s the UNMS Mpesa plugin.

This plugin is aimed at ISPs who run on UNMS & UCRM and rely on M-Pesa to process customer payments. We believe in making work easier & this plugin does just that!

How to install & set up UNMS Mpesa Plugin.

This guide assumes that you have already installed UNMS & you have your Mpesa PayBill or Till Number. These can be acquired through Safaricom or KopoKopo.

Let’s get our hands dirty!

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Log into your UNMS system.
  3. Switch to UCRM by click on CRM link at the top.
  4. First, creating a new App Key.
  5. From the left menu, scroll down and click on Security under System.
  6. Click on App Keys tab then click on +App key button.
  7. Type a name for your new App Key e.g Mpesa and toggle the Type to Write (It is Read by default). Click on Save.
  8. Copy your APP KEY as issued by UNMS. Paste it to a safer location as we will need it during of our plugins installation.
  9. From the left menu again, scroll down to System then click on Plugins.
  10. Click on Upload plugin.
  11. Click on browse & locate the file that you downloaded from Shujaa Host then Click on Upload button.
  12. After UNMS has finished installing the plugin, scroll down and click on Enable.
  13. In the App Key field, paste the app key that we copied in step 8 above.
  14. Under Send Payment Receipt field, set it to Yes or No accordingly.
  15. Under Account Number Format, indicate whether your customers should use CUSTOM ID or their CLIENT ID as the MPesa account number when making payments.
  16. Click on Save & Enable to finish the process.